Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has The Time


Overwhelmed:  Work, Love and Plan When No One Has The Time by Brigid Schulte should be required reading before a couple has children.  Individuals, policy makers and companies could all learn from this book.  The “Tale of Two Pats” chapter infuriated me.  “The Cult of Intensive Motherhood” made me feel good because pure laziness keeps me from being a part of this type of mothering.

One thing I plan to implement in my life after reading this book is setting aside a time on Sundays to plan my week.  Here’s the paragraph explaining my motivation, “I began with a brain dump.  It was the list of everything on my mind from here to eternity.  The working memory can keep only about seven things in it at one time.  And if the to-do list is much longer than that, the brain worried it may forget something will get stuck in an endless circular loop of mulling, much like a running toilet.  The brain dump is like jiggling the handle.  “If your to-do list lives on paper, your brain doesn’t have to expend energy to keep remembering it,” Monaghan said.  (p. 265)

I am off to complete my to-do list.  Which will probably include everything from cleaning the bathroom to how to pay for my daughter’s college.  She’s seven and it’s my biggest anxiety.  Ridiculous… I know.  But it’s there and getting it on paper hopefully will free up some brain space I spend ruminating about it.