Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy


When I started reading Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding, I thought, “Bridget Jones and I live not identical but parallel lives.”  When she was a bumbling singleton, so was I.  When her friends were getting married, so were mine.  So when I learned she was a single mother in her newest book, I immediately thought, “Damn Mark Darcy… what did he do?”  I also thought, “Another experience Bridget Jones and I share.”  On page twenty-six, I learned the truth.  Bridget was a widow, not a divorcee.  The book is set five years after Mark’s death.   Her friends are insisting she get back out there… Mark wouldn’t want her to be alone.  So Bridget enters the modern dating world… texting, twittering, online dating sites.  All while trying to mother two young children.  One who was three months old when her father died.  In typical Bridget Jones style it’s bumbling.  Add in the fact she’s a single mom, she’s flying by the seat of her pants.

It’s been five years since my ex-husband moved out.  Sometimes while reading this book I thought maybe I should start dating again.  Then, I reevaluated.  I barely have down time for myself, which is something important for my sanity.  Why would I want to relinquish that luxury?

If I ever decide to enter the modern dating scene, here’s my list.  Someone I see Thursday evenings and on weekends my daughter is with her dad.  Must be willing to help work in my garden.  Excellent cook a plus.  If lacks cooking skills, enough funds to treat me to a nice meal at a local restaurant from time to time.  And someone who reads “real books.”  Real books are up to my interpretation.