Me Before You


I don’t read a lot of books touted as love stories.  I try not to be cynical, but life experiences leave me cringing when I read one.  I am glad I ignored my gut and read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  The saddest, yet most heartwarming love story, I’ve ever read.  I cried off and on for two days.  I was over halfway through when it hit me.  Me Before You is the perfect title for the book.  Ultimately, it’s a story of two people whose lives change dramatically after meeting each other.

Will an egotistical, adventure seeker becomes a quadriplegic in an accident.  Ironically, it’s not on one of his skydiving, bungee jumping, rock climbing adventures.  While calling a cab on a busy London street, he is hit.  Louisa’s lived in the same small town her entire life with no plans to leave… living with her parents, dating the same guy for seven years, working at the local cafe.  Her stable life is thrown a loop when the cafe owner decides to close the shop.  After an assortment of job interviews, she is chosen to be the caretaker of Will.  She’s reluctant to go on the interview because she doesn’t want to wipe an old person’s bum.  But her family relies on income provided by her to help make ends meet.  Louisa’s relieved when she learns the job is to care for a younger person; and a nurse assists the patient with personal hygiene.  Little does she know, wiping a person’s bottom would be easy compared to the emotional ride she is about to embark on.

If you need a good cry, read this book.  Even if you don’t need a good cry, read this book.  It will change your perspective on the difficulties in your life.