The Silver Star by Jeanette Walls

Silver Star

Jeanette Walls has written three books – One memoir and two fiction titles.  Today, I finished her third book, The Silver Star.  It’s not my favorite book of hers – I’m in the middle of writing a post about my favorite. However, The Silver Star is excellent and shouldn’t be missed!

It is the story of two young ladies coming of age in 1970.  They live in California, where their eccentric and irresponsible mother leaves them for days at a time.  Eventually, she leaves for a longer time and the authorities notice.

Their mother was born into the Holladay family, which owns the mill in a small Virginia town.  She leaves her childhood home named “Mayfield” and vows to never return. Her daughters fear the authorities will take them away from their mother if they stay where they are.  So they leave California on a cross country trip to “Mayfield” hoping to stay with an uncle they know about, but don’t know.  They have nowhere else to go.

Ultimately, it’s the story of the traumas these two sisters face… And the resilience they show.  I’ll never forget Bean the narrator.  Such spunk in a junior high girl.  She’s the true savior of this highly dysfunctional family and town.

I plan to read every book Jeanette Walls publishes.  So far I’m three for three.