The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker


Between 5 preschool storytimes a week and working the desk in the Children’s Department at the library, I don’t spend a lot of time at the desk where most books are checked out.  When I do, it’s dangerous.  I always see something being checked out I want to read. So my request list for books from the library grows.  Or I see a book returned I absolutely loved.

Today, The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker was returned.  This is her first published book.  She wrote in the mornings before she went to work.  If I ever write a book, it will not be written in the morning.  I promise you!

Set in the future where the rotation of the earth is beginning to slow, Julia comes of age.  It’s a time of uncertainty as both the days and nights grow longer.  Futuristic dystopia novels aren’t books I seek out.  When I picked this one up, I did not know it was considered one.  Unlike many dystopian novels I’ve read, I felt this could happen exactly the way it is written.  The character’s reactions are nuanced and authentic.