Sue Monk Kidd


Unbeknownst to Sue Monk Kidd, we’ve had a 30 plus year relationship.  It first started when I read the Daily Guideposts my brother and I gave our grandmothers every Christmas.  I was drawn to her writings because it said she lived in Stone Mountain, Georgia, which was two towns over.

In my twenties, I rediscovered her with the publishing of The Secret Life of Bees and The Mermaid Chair.  During my divorce, I found comfort in When the Heart Waits and Firstlight.

In my thirties, I attempted reading Traveling With Pomegranates:  A Mother and Daughter Journey to the Sacred Places of Greece, Turkey and France.  Having lost my mother to cancer a month before my thirtieth birthday, I couldn’t read it.  I’m in my forties now and ready to try again.  However, getting all the reading I want in is difficult.  The library owns the audiobook of this title.  I’m going to try listening to the book during my commute.  If it makes me cry too much to drive,  I’ll listen while I clean house.  Not nearly as dangerous.

Her post I read today on Guidepost’s website touched me.  It’s about an afternoon she spent in the library.  A public library is the great equalizer.  She’s right to pray for each individual.  Some are diligently looking for jobs, others need a book to take their mind off things, parents are often seeking help in finding books to help their children read and some even visit because they are lonely.  This year, my work goal is to be in the moment with each person I help.

There are two other books I’ve yet to read by her, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter and  The Invention of Wings.  The Invention of Wings is released this Tuesday.  I look forward to reconnecting with her this year.

For those of you in Raleigh, she’s speaking on  Tuesday, January 14th at Meredith College’s Jones Chapel.  The event begins at 7:00 pm.  Admission is $5.  Free admission and signing line ticket with purchase of The Invention of Wings from Quail Ridge Books.  Sadly, I won’t be there.  While I would love to tell Sue Monk Kidd about our thirty plus year relationship, the board meeting for Postpartum Education and Support is the same evening.  Helping moms suffering from postpartum mood disorders is more important to me.  I think she’ll understand.