Local Souls by Allan Gurganus


I am embarrassed to admit this is my first time reading Allan Gurganus.  He’s a legend in North Carolina.  His recent publication, Local Souls includes three novellas, Fear Not, Saints Have Mothers, and Decoy.  Each of these novellas are set in Falls, North Carolina; a mythical town.

My first reflection after reading all three novellas… that’s a lot of tragedy for one small town. Then,  I started thinking about challenges my friends, family and myself faced these past 40 years.  I realized, Falls, North Carolina is anywhere USA.  Small town, big city, suburbia… tragedies and secrets are everywhere.  But so is love, compassion and healing.

Savor these stories.  They are to be read for the language.  The plot is important, but the pacing is slow and tedious.  Just as life can be.  If you love language, Local Souls is for you.

I’ll be reading more of Allan Gurganus in 2014.