The Expats by Chris Pavone


I started The Expats by Chris Pavone last night.  I finished it at 10:30 pm tonight.  The main character Kate Moore is a former CIA agent specializing in Latin America.  Currently, she is a stay-at-home, expat mom in Luxembourg with her husband and two preschool aged sons.  She’s never told her husband she was a CIA agent; and he’s secretive about his sudden job opportunity as a contractor in cyber security in the discreet banking world of Luxembourg.  Deception, intrigue, compassion and difficult moral choices hold this clever book together.

Immediately, I searched for other books by this author.  Fortunately, his second thriller is being published in 2014.  Unfortunately, I have to wait until March 11th for it’s release.  The Accident will feature Haydn Gray, a CIA operative and peripheral character, in The Expats.